new single with Boo Boo Davis

today Black and Tan Records released our new single

B&T 976 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Secret

We have been working with Boo Boo Davis for years. We recorded a lot of new music during his European tours. At first Covid-19 meant a complete stop to all this. But the music couldn’t be stopped, and we started to exchange musical ideas and send them back and forth between the Netherlands and East St Louis (where Boo Boo is living).  Special thanks to Chris Brown for helping us out with this. 

So, despite the fact that we cannot be at the same spot right now we are still able to create new music together. This single is the first result of that, and we are working on a lot more songs. Stay tuned.

The music is available on all digital platforms

our new EP out today

After single releases in July and August, Instrumental Blues Records released our full new EP today.

IB 718 – ElectroBluesSociety – Riffs & Blues EP

After exploring possibilities with loops and samples we go back to basic on this new EP. Just our two instruments (drums and guitar), recorded in one take; simple, loud and raw.

The music is available on all Digital platforms and here you can have a listen: