new track & video

Last week we recorded a new track in our rehearsal room (both audio and video). This will give you an impression on how our project sounds and how it looks. For the first time we are using the connection between the audio and the video. It is a first attempt but the possibilities are endless and we very eager to use and improve this new opportunity. It can only get better : – )

The track is based on an old recording of Soul Of A Man by Blind Willie Johnson but you will also hear some Led Zeppelin


Jan’s favorite guitar

I changed to baritone (guitar and tuning) in 2008 when Jasper quit playing bass with Boo Boo Davis and I decided to try to play both the guitar and the bass parts at the same time. Turned out that baritone guitar and throwing away the pick was the perfect solution. I have never been a fan of high and flashy guitarplaying and always liked to lower part of the sound better. Also turns out that my favorite effect pedal (wah wah) sounds a lot better on the lower end.

I started out with a Gretsch and Danelectro but I missed „the bite” of my old strat so I tried to get the best of both worlds and ‚created’ my own guitar. The body is from a Japanese Squier Stratocaster that I bought new in 1984. The neck is replaced with a longer one; custom built by Ellio Martina. The scale of the new neck is 28,75” where the custom stratocaster neck is 25,5”. As you can see the bridge pick up is replaced by a humbucker (DiMarzio)

The strings that I am using is Ernie Balll Slinky Baritone (72 – 56 – 44 – 30 – 18 – 13). On this guitar I mostly use regular tuning but then 7 semi tones down so it becomes A – D – G – C – E – A. Also use the same string set on all my other guitars with a regular neck scale and then tune them down 4 semi tones to C – F – B flat – E flat – G – C.