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It's A Sad Thing (single(Black and Tan Records2021itunesspotify
You Better Watch Yourself (single)Black and Tan Records2021itunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisSee A Better Day (single)Black and Tan Records2021itunesspotify
Secret (single)Black and Tan Records2021itunesspotify
Foo Funk (single)Instrumental Blues Records2021itunesspotify
Riffs & Blues EPInstrumental Blues Records2020itunesspotify
Slow And HeavyInstrumental Blues Records2020itunesspotify
Killing FloorKuvVer Records2020itunesspotify
Nasty DogInstrumental Blues Records2020itunesspotify
Hoochie Coochie ManKuvVer Records2020itunesspotify
You Know I'm No good (feat Karin Roerdink)KuvVer Records2020itunesspotify
Back To Black (feat Karin Roerdink)KuvVer Records2019itunesspotify
Back Door Man (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2019itunesspotify
Be AllrightBlack and Tan Records2019itunes spotify
How Many More Years (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2019itunesspotify
Little Red Rooster (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2019itunesspotify
Evil (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2019itunesspotify
Dust My Broom (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2018itunesspotify
Smokestack Lightnin (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2018itunesspotify
Tell Me (feat Boo Boo Davis)KuvVer Records2018itunesspotify
I Got My Mojo Workin (feat Michel Peters)KuvVer Records2018itunesspotify
All The Way Down (feat Jan Hidding)Black and Tan Records2018itunesspotify
Don't Want (feat Jan Hidding)Black and Tan Records2018itunesspotify
Rosie (feat Jan Hidding)Black and Tan Records2018itunesspotify
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (feat Roscoe ChenierBlack and Tan Records2018itunesspotify
Duck (feat Kim Snelten)Black and Tan Records2017itunesspotify
DuckBlack and Tan Records2016itunesspotify