new track & video

Last week we recorded a new track in our rehearsal room (both audio and video). This will give you an impression on how our project sounds and how it looks. For the first time we are using the connection between the audio and the video. It is a first attempt but the possibilities are endless and we very eager to use and improve this new opportunity. It can only get better : – )

The track is based on an old recording of Soul Of A Man by Blind Willie Johnson but you will also hear some Led Zeppelin



Analogue stuffimg_8661


  • 70-ies Ampeg SVT
  • Aguilar and Raven Labs preamps
  • 60-ies Fender basses
  • Old German upright bass
  • 70-ies Slingerland drumkit, Ludwig snares, Zildjian A cymbals


  • customized baritone guitar
  • CryBaby WahWah
  • SansAmp Preamp
  • Fender tube amp
  • set JBL active monitors

Digital stuff

  • Macbook 1 (Ableton Live)
  • AKAI APC 40
  • Apogee GIO
  • Focusrite Saffire Interface
  • MacBook 2 (Resolume Avenue)
  • AKAI APC 20