new track & video

Last week we recorded a new track in our rehearsal room (both audio and video). This will give you an impression on how our project sounds and how it looks. For the first time we are using the connection between the audio and the video. It is a first attempt but the possibilities are endless and we very eager to use and improve this new opportunity. It can only get better : – )

The track is based on an old recording of Soul Of A Man by Blind Willie Johnson but you will also hear some Led Zeppelin



Analogue stuffimg_8661


  • 70-ies Ampeg SVT
  • Aguilar and Raven Labs preamps
  • 60-ies Fender basses
  • Old German upright bass
  • 70-ies Slingerland drumkit, Ludwig snares, Zildjian A cymbals


  • customized baritone guitar
  • CryBaby WahWah
  • SansAmp Preamp
  • Fender tube amp
  • set JBL active monitors

Digital stuff

  • Macbook 1 (Ableton Live)
  • AKAI APC 40
  • Apogee GIO
  • Focusrite Saffire Interface
  • MacBook 2 (Resolume Avenue)
  • AKAI APC 20


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Hoochie Coochie Man

ElectroBluesSociety trailer

I Don’t Want (feat Jan Hidding)

Berta  (live)

Rosie feat Jan Hidding (live)

Electric Chair

Mad Man


Soul Of A Man (feat Blind Willie Johnson)

Slavery Time Blues (feat Rufus McKenzie)

Dont Cha Hear

Nico Bonham


Hound Dog


Electric Chair



ElectroBluesSociety experimental electroblues duo

Both of the musicians have been active in the European blues/roots scene for more then 30 years and in this new project they like to mix that experience with current technologies and other musical styles. The musical input from this new duo ranges from Alan Lomax to Roxy Music and from Charlie Parker to Led Zeppelin. On stage you will find computers, a double bass, foot pedals, vintage amps, guitars, midi controllers, an old drumkit and lots of cables. All of this handled by the two band members.

JASPER MORTIER – drums, bass
mainly known as bass player but lately he found a new passion: playing drums !!  Over the last ten years Jasper worked with numerous great artists like Preston Shannon, ‘Sax’ Gordon Beadle, Monti Amundson, Philip Walker, Candye Kane, Melvin Taylor, Sherman Robertson, Terry Evans, Long John Hunter, Eddy Clearwater, Toni Lynn Washington, Paul Oscher, Doug Jay, Boo Boo Davis, Byther Smith, Boyd Small, and many others. Right now is is the bass player of the Jimmy Reiter Band.

JAN MITTENDORP – guitar, buttons
Since 1993 touring Europe with USA artists like:  Percy Strother, Smokey Wilson , Byther Smith, Burton Gaar, Roy Roberts, Larry Garner, Boo Boo Davis, Erskine Oglesby, Jody Williams, Roscoe Chenier, Clara McDaniel, Boyd Small, Billy Jones, Hosea Leavy, Percy Strother, Harrison Kennedy and many others.  In 2009 with Boo Boo Davis among others at Montreux Jazz Festival and Peer Bluesfestival.